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Friends no longer with us
Posted Wednesday, September 22, 2010 09:08 AM

Hello, after 30 years I am sure many of you do not remember me. Each of our lives take us in separate ways. I was shocked and saddened to see the number of people in the "in memory" section. I could not sleep last night. I spoke to my cousin Sonya who told me she was aware that Jose Lemus survived a horrible boating accident, but was not aware of any other classmates. I know Victor died of a heart condition while playing basketball. I read that Randy died of a heart attack after investigating a crime scene. I did not know Terresita or Jaqueline. I knew Sergio, Hector, and Alphonse. Everybody knew Paul and Eddie. Can someone please tell me what happened to our friends? I am sorry to start a thread with such a bad topic but I am grief stricken.

RE: Friends no longer with us
Posted Thursday, October 7, 2010 11:26 AM


First of all, Welcome to the website. I got a notification message when you posted this, but never got around to responding, sorry.

I do remember you from school, so we must of been "invisible" in the same "dimension".

I really don't know many details about how most passed away. I believe you are correct with Victor P and Randy Kugler, both heart related, as I believe most were with the exception of the earlier ones being due to automobile accidents. I do know Paul Cherry was believed to have been poisoned by someone invited to his hotel room in Hong kong, per an online story I read. 

The hardest hit seem to be the sets of twins in our class, As at our 30th reunion Tony Musibay announced to us that he has been fighting lung cancer.

Jorge Yong

RE: Friends no longer with us
Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2010 09:18 PM

Hello Jorge,

So many years have passed... who can remember every detail. I purposely kept a low profile just due to shyness, I guess. Also, I think we tend to remember each other better when we were associated in junior high. I went to St. John's in Hialeah with Ralph Luces, Manny Estrada, Raul Rangel, Ralph Pozo, Sergio Pineiro, Lazaro Cuervo, and a few others.

I did read the Paul Cherry story and that is what led me to seek more info. I landed here. I was not sure if that was "our" Paul Cherry. I beleive I had Paul in Ms. Ambrose's algebra class or in Coach Hertler's PE class in our Freshman year. He actually made it to the major leagues for a brief time. It's a shame. And I do remember the Musibay twins; I think they came to Pace in our Sophmore year (not sure). Very sad info.

I have sad news about Rene Medina, cousin of Julio Medina, both VERY good friends. Rene made a mistake when he was young. I can honestly say he got involved with the wrong people and was led astray --- you know Miami in the 80's. Rene is serving the final years of a 30-year sentence. 

Another friend, Brendan Monroe, left Pace after the 10th grade. He was good friends with the Kugler twins. Brendan is a police officer for the City of Miami. He married Emma Vazquez.

Thanks for responding.


Jorge B.